Sound Healing

Sound Healing is another way to energise and enhance your well-being on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  For centuries sound, in its various forms, has been used as a therapy to ease and cure a variety of dis-eases.  Music is innate in all of us, we use it to celebrate love at weddings and to say goodbye at funerals, we dance to it, sing to it and worship our deities with it.  Whether we really appreciate music or not, it seems to be the one thing that truly connects all humans! 

Most importantly, we have almost all used music for healing.  Think of how you listen to upbeat songs when you’re feeling happy, or sad songs when feeling low.  Music is therapy.  Throughout history there have been many occasion of healing with sound.  Start with Hippocrates playing music to his patients, Native American cultures using song and dance to heal the sick, and biblical characters vanquishing evil spirits by playing instruments.  

Today, despite still being thought of as an alternative to modern medicine (and remaining somewhat misunderstood), sound therapy has been scientifically proven to improve our emotional and psychological health.  Music floods our brain with dopamine – the happy chemical.  It also releases oxytocin – a natural painkiller and hormone that allows us to bond with and trust people.  Music helps language development and improves communication.  Healing with sound can help or even cure many ailments; psychological/psychiatric and behavioural disorders including autism, learning disabilities, depression and developmental issues, anxiety and stress, PTSD, stress, pain and mood swings.  It can also improve relaxation, sleep, memory and concentration, bring clarity and balance and strengthen the immune system. 

During a sound healing session with Debbie ~ Sada Ram Kaur, the client will experience music by listening to a combination of Tibetan singing bowls, Gongs and other instruments, specifically and intuitively chosen to induce positive brainwaves.  Sound healing can also happen by improvising  music, moving to music, playing instruments, meditating to music, chanting, shouting or humming to music.  Each 121 session is tailor made to suit the client’s requirements.  Each session is based around the law of entrainment, whereby the vibrations produced by one musical instrument or object, actually changes the vibrations of the other (client), causing it to lock in step or synchronise with the first.  The client will be asked to lay down, and ensure that they are comfortably propped with cushions and blankets, whilst the instruments are being played on and around them.  During this time all that is required is to relax, keep an open mind and allow yourself to be absorbed by the sounds produced. 


Debbie ~ Sada Ram Kaur often organises Sound Baths and Gong Baths for her yoga students and other groups of clients and is also available to conduct sound healing sessions at your event.  Please get in touch for more information.